‚ÄčBecoming a Boundary Whisperer....

"When things got tough, my great-grandfather (a drunken Vaudevillian) used to say, in his thick Irish accent,  "Ya know, life ain't all ya want. But it's all ya got. So stick a feather in yer arse and 'ave at it!" This saying was passed down in my family like an heirloom nobody wanted anything to do with. But as time has gone by, I've discovered the wisdom in his words. 

Our fear of confrontation, our struggles to be true to ourselves and our lack of self-love are reflections of our energy and are all things we can overcome. Healing everything is possible. Living our most authentic life and having the confidence to be who we're truly meant to be are attainable once we become present and mindful within ourselves and once we realize we have far more personal power than we might think."

Maggie San Miguel's workshops are largely based on mindfulness practices and raising our vibrational energy so that we attract better everything into our lives. Raising our confidence, nurturing self-love and establishing healthy boundaries improves every aspect of our life paths and our spiritual growth. 

With a past that includes stage III breast cancer, lupus & fibromyalgia, she has learned to overcome illness from a non-resistant perspective. She has experienced rape (at age seven, then later again, as an adult). Many of her past relationships included physical, emotional, psychological and narcissistic abuse. Through extensive research, mindfulness, meditation practices, Buddhist principles and the discovery of boundaries build upon a foundation of self-love she healed these traumas and found her joy in life and the hidden gifts of each of these apparent challenges.

A secret: Surviving a situation can merely mean coping. Coping is surviving something without the belief that it can be changed or that change is even possible. Healing the transformation that occurs when we change our beliefs about that situation.

Through a combination of lessons, groups discussions, guided meditations, confidence-building exercises, humor and self-soothing techniques, The Boundary Whisperer Workshopswill help you find your path to peace and fulfillment as well as change the way you approach confrontation, illness, trauma and challenges.

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