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​   Book Q & A with Deborah Kalb:


   "The story encompasses the nuanced characteristics of Gambino hit men, Patricia’s relationship with Dallas district attorney Henry Wade (of Roe v. Wade fame), and a number of personal sentiments that range from the silly to the serious. The picture this book paints, however, is indisputably unlike any other. Anything, it seems, can happen in its world of grinning mobsters and lakeside adventures. An entertaining blend of kooky events and earnest memories."    ~ Kirkus Reviews

     "This is a fascinating read about what it was like to be raised by members of the mob and a mother who lost it. We learn about ties between mafia men and politicians and so much more."  ~ Amos Lassen​​


    "The book is quite interesting and includes geishas’ in Maggie’s rowboat, and mob hit men taking a 4 year old to the dentist." - Book review by Patricia's Wisdom